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A success story to be continued: the FA-S Advance Series

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FA-S Series

A success story to be continued: the FA-S Advance Series

In the best sense of the word, the FA-S Advance is an universal machine, which can increase your competitive edge through low operating costs and short processing times. Cutting speeds up to 500 mm²/min., surface finishes of less than 0.15 µm Ra, wire diameters from 0.1–0.36 mm, best parallelism, and simple processing of even the most different materials leaves nothing to be desired. The numerous automatic functions, coupled with the solid, durable construction and the linear measuring system, ensure lasting results that are reproducible. Your advantage: Praxis proven technology ensures your competitive advantage on a long term basis.


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The FA-S Advance Series (Click for details)

Think big: The FA40-S and FA50-S Advance

The technical data of both large-scale wire cut EDM strengthen the technological leadership of Mitsubishi Electric EDM in an impressive manner. The maximum cutting rate is 500 mm²/min. The built-in technology management reduces the processing time even with very large work pieces and bad cutting conditions (stepped and/or pre-milled work pieces, large nozzle distance) – with the highest process reliability. The FA40-S and FA50-S Advance are modern and economical wire cut EDM for tool- and mold makers as well as for parts production. The outstanding productivity secures provides a quick return on your investment.

FA-S Advance - Your Future in Wire Erosion

Your requirements for a modern wire eroding system are highly varied and your customer’s demands will continue to rise. What does this mean for you? The FA-S Advance is the solution to your manufacturing process. You can realize compound tools, graphite electrodes, gear moulds, profiles, plastic moldings, and single-part or serial production quickly and reliably with the FA-S Advance. Since we are Mitsubishi Electric, the world-wide leader in spark erosion, you can expect this from us. Our outstanding reliability and operational safety in spark erosion remains unparalleled.

Convincing in all Aspects: The Superior Machine Concept

Designed for workpieces of up to 4 tonnes. There is little else we need to say regarding the rigidity and stability. Furthermore, there is the high-resolution digital controlled direct drive system (0.05 µm resolution) and a generously dimensioned allscrew, both features guarantee continuous precision over an extremely long working life. The table for workpiece clamping, with its vertical sliding, door has been ergonomically designed with the operator in mind. Ease of maintenance is a core design feature demonstrated by the patented self-cleaning system of the working tank seal plate as well as the fully automatic central lubrication system. These are only a few examples of the intelligent design applied to Mitsubishi Electric’s latest FA-Series machine. Needless to say quality is also important to us, and all FA machines are checked by laser measurement, roundness tests and extensive controls among other things. Because precision needs perfection.

Ensure Your Success - Highest Productivity and Precision with Maximum Process Safety

The FA-S Advance generates outstanding, precise results – not only under laboratory conditions, but also in day-to-day activities. After all, this is ultimately the decisive factor for you. Astonish your customers with exceptional results and reasonable prices made possible by the most progressive technology and low operating costs. Surface finishes of less than 0.15 µm Ra, cutting speeds up to 500 mm²/min, and parallelism from 5 µm on the diameter at a cutting height of 200 mm are achievable. The FA-S Advance continues to work reliably even in the most difficult flushing conditions such as conic angles up to 45°, offset or intermittent workpieces, thereby delivering precise and lasting results that are reproducible.

Ready To Go in a Few Seconds: The User-Friendly Wire Threading System

The Automatic Threading System (AT) threads the wire in only 10 seconds and combined with the standard wire chopper you will achieve ultimate speed, safety and comfort. Overall machine operation is made easy with all the operating and maintenance elements easily reached. And if you are off site? You can still have access to the machine functions via Telecontrol. This function allows you to control and monitor your eroding system through a datalink in real time. Another monitoring option is our intelligent TeleKontakt system. It allows you to transfer machine messages via SMS to a mobile phone. And for the highest level of help and support you can rely on remote diagnosis and online help through our Teleservice. With this system our customer service team can support you for all problems by means of direct online access to the machine.

The new Advance CNC control – the New Standard in Wire Erosion

The new Advance control based on the Mitsubishi Electric CNC M700 is captivating due to its user-friendliness and reliability. In spite of its complex range of functions, it can be operated intuitively via control concept based on Windows XP. The logical menu structure and uncomplicated design allow you to quickly and reliably achieve your goal. You can run a 2D or 3D simulation of your program before or during the processing. The optimal generator setting creates the expert system E.S.P.E.R. from your processing parameters. Evaluation, optimization, and monitoring programs support you in your work. Operational control is performed via a sturdy 15″ touch screen monitor, fixed function keys for commands most often used, as well as keyboard and mouse. The control can be linked to a network by using the standard ethernet card. Data can also be exchanged independently from the network by way of two USB ports via USB flash drive.

Advance Control: Directly Utilize Your Existing 3D CAD Data

The Advance Control also includes a 3D as well as 2D CAM system. 3D data in parasolid format and 2D data stored as DXF or IGES files can be directly imported and converted in to NC programs. Your advantage: quickly and easily move from set-up to production.

Power Master 3D – Dynamics and Precision with Utmost Process Safety

You receive fully automatic technology management with the Power Master 3D. It automatically adapts the generator power and flushing pressure to the processing conditions and optimizes the cutting speed. By utilising the integrated 3D functionality, it anticipates the height differences and cavities in the workpiece and erodes accordingly. This minimizes the wire break risk and shortens your processing time, all while increasing workpiece quality and contributing to a lasting cost reduction. There are numerous other automatic functions that make it easier for you to achieve perfect and reproducible processing results.

... It Gets Even Better

The wire eroding machines from Mitsubishi Electric have been equipped for a long time with high-speed, anti-electrolysis generators (HSS-AE). Adverse effects to the workpiece surface through electrolysis or electrochemical corrosion are reduced to a minimum. No localized corrosion forms even during longer processing times. It minimizes the washouts of the binding agent matrix for sintered materials, the thermally influenced border zone, and the microcrack formation. With more generator options, the FA-S Advance becomes the “machine for everything”: it can handle surface finishes finer than 0.15 µm Ra, cutting speeds up to 500 mm²/min., or parallelism in surprisingly small dimensions. All from the FA-S Advance …

The FA-S Advance: Eroding PCD and CBN easily

In addition to the workpiece form, “exotic” materials also place high demands on a wire eroding system. The FA-S Advance with the V-Package overcomes these challenges without difficulty. The V500 generator unit quickly cuts PCD and CBN while achieving exceptional surface qualities. Not to mention, it is all accomplished with the reliability Mitsubishi Electric is known for. The tool package option increases the possibilities of processing cutting tools in numerous automation levels up to and including fully automated serial production.

Expand Your Possibilities: B Axis and Rotating Spindle

Broaden your range of applications in wire erosion – you can effortlessly meet the demands of medical technology and micromechanics with the FA-S Advance. The use of a rotating spindle allows spark-erosive grinding/turning on a rotating workpiece. The combination of rotation and indexing function converts your FA-S Advance wire eroding system to a “highly precise spark-erosive grinding machine”. A fully servo-controlled rotation axis allows wire eroding on a rotating, guided workpiece. Discover new manufacturing possibilities and win over new customers.

Automatic Operation for Everything: Complete Solutions for All Cases

The market offers lots of machines, robots and components in order to increase the degree of automation, however, there is a problem. The components are not optimised with each other and the integration eats up un-planned and unexpected resources and budgets. The solution is simple. One-stop for everything. Mitsubishi Electric can offer you wire eroding systems, die sinking machines, robots and handling systems. All these systems are perfectly matched to each other in order to achieve a perfect mesh. Your advantage is you can apply proven manufacturing cell technology, safeguarding your competitive advantage.

The cooling unit contains fluorinated greenhouse gas R410A.
For further information please see the corresponding operation manual.

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