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More than 50 years ago now MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC presented the first electro-erosive processing machine (EDM). Today, this know-how, acquired over many decades and combined with intensive research work, is still a decisive criterium when developing new EDM systems. Production also has an important status at MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC. With a view to meeting the high technical demands, production is carried out in the most modern manufacturing plants under stringent quality controls.

The result is an extensive programme of beneficial and convincing EDM systems in terms of speed, precision and reliability.


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Products Overview

Our products in numbers

  •  gear

    70.000 machines

    Mitsubishi Electric produced more than 70.000 EDMs in more than 60 years of operation.

  •  profit


    Our machines offer an average return on investment of less than 15 years.

  •  industrial-robot

    Industry 4.0

    All our machines have future-proof interfaces for connection to Industry 4.0.

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    All from a single source

    All our products contain more than 95 % Mitsubishi Electric products, so everything is perfectly matched.

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