Maintenance Service

We offer you a general inspection or overhaul of your EDM system from Mitsubishi Electric. In this way you will lengthen the life span of your machine and its constant availability.

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Maintenance Service

To ensure that you continue to enjoy your Mitsubishi Electric EDM system for longer, we offer a range of maintenance services.

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Remote maintenance/service

Today service denotes maintenance and diagnosis via modem or internet. All machines with 64 bit CNC-PC control can be equipped for teleservice at a later stage.

Service and maintenance contracts

The MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC service and maintenance contract is tailored to your specific wishes. The service technician shall establish specifications with you regarding an offer for services. The offer shall be made directly in accordance with your requirements.

Preventive repairs and maintenance

The regular control, maintenance of and repairs to your EDM systems reduce idle times and grant high availability.

Axe measurement by laser

Precise measurement of the spindles and correction of values through input into the control system. In this way top security and reliability is achieved through extreme precision, even in the case of machines which have been in operation for many years.


We supply a guarantee for good quality and design of the machines delivered for the period of 12 months as from the date of commissioning without any restriction on the number of operating hours. The guarantee comprises all clamping and handling systems and computer hard- and software connected with the equipment, insofar as these are authorized by Mitsubishi Electric and ordered directly from us.

Check and test lists

All operations are recorded by means of check and test lists. You receive a copy of the work protocol for your files and later audit. During the initial commissioning, our service technicians go through these lists with you.


Mechanical and electrical repairs, necessary repairs to individual components from Mitsubishi Electric are carried out by qualified specialist personnel either directly on site or in our workshops.

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