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Automation must be flexible.

Optimum solutions – customised, configured or standardised.

The handling systems and robots from different manufacturers can often be seamlessly integrated. Renowned for their dependability and productivity, the EDMs of the MV-R series from Mitsubishi Electric are automation-ready. We’d be happy to show you examples that have proven effective in practice and help you to cut costs and boost your productive capacity.


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If you want to make money, automate

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At Mitsubishi Electric, it is not only our staff members that work hand in hand with one another. The robots do as well. Produce 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

MELFA industrial robots

  • melfa-roboter

    Getting a grip on constant quality

Innovative design

The high-performance robots from Mitsubishi Electric are what you get when you combine market-leading technologies with brilliantly conceived design. For example, pneumatic hoses and signal lines installed in the robot reduce the effort and cost of attaching grippers and sensors and improve safety at the workplace.

Straightforward programming

A line of high-performance robots calls for a high-performance and easy-to-operate programming interface. Mitsubishi Electric provides tailor-made software tools for your robot in the shape of its RT ToolBox2 programming software and MELFA Works simulation software.

Greater safety

The standard of safety to DIN ISO-10218 is the same for all robots and thus ensures safe operation in all applications. The supplementary product range from Mitsubishi Electric with safety controls supports the integration of the robots in a uniform safety strategy.

Features in this category

Innovative design
Straightforward programming
Greater safety

Simple integration in complex applications

Up to 8 further extra axes can be connected straight to the robot control with a single cable. Of these axes, two can be used as the robot’s additional interpolation axis. What makes it different from other systems is that all the additionally connected axes can be programmed just like the robot – and by using the same Teach Box or the RT ToolBox 2. So no extra outlay on software, training or programming.

RV-F Series, articulate-arm robots

  • rv-f-serie

    Compact, high-performance, flexible automation

Setting new standards

This robot with its extraordinary motor and amplifier is the perfect solution for applications with high precision at high speeds. A multitude of complex applications can be easily realised by combining it with other products from Mitsubishi Electric – such as PLCs or servos.

Highly dynamic 6-axis articulated-arm

The RV-F Series offers a highly dynamic 6-axis articulated-arm robot for maximum quality. Cycle times of just 0.32 seconds boost your productivity and thus make assignments possible in production lines at very high speeds. The dual-arm configuration yields not only enhanced freedom of movement, but also greater strength and versatility.

Load capacities of 2 to 20 kilograms

Depending on the model, the robots are equipped with load capacities of 2 to 20 kilograms with reaches of 504 to 1503 millimetres. Working in confined spaces, even installed on walls or ceilings, is no problem for the RV-F series. All systems have the same compact CR750 robot controller.

Features in this category

Setting new standards
Highly dynamic 6-axis articulated-arm
Load capacities of 2 to 20 kilograms

RV-F Series Highlights

  •  productivity (1)

    Boost your productivity
    Cycle times of as little as 0.32 seconds with repeat accuracy as low as ±0.02 mm

  •  turn (1)

    Flexible work space
    504 to 1503 mm reach in a spherical work space – even behind the robot

  •  creative-teaching (1)

    Teach Box
    Full graphic R56TB with touchscreen or R32TB

  •  settings (1)

    Robot and controller as a complete system or with a PLC module for full PLC functionality of the robot on the iQ platform

  •  molecular (1)

    Pneumatic and electric grippers, Ethernet, USB, camera interface and two encoder connections as well as up to 8 extra axes as standard, operational I/O and field bus extension cards

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