Profile 02/2014

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Innovation starts in this edition.

Profile 02/2014

  • Innovation starts in this edition.

    An innovation guru shares his knowledge

    Particularly in the world of small and medium-size businesses, lasting success depends on a company ...

  • At Nobatec these tools are machined in 4–5 work cycles on the NA2400.

    Success with special solutions

    Hardly had it gone into service than the new NA2400 machine from ­Mitsubishi Electric was back on ...

  • Bringing a smile to children’s faces.

    Bringing a smile to children’s faces

    Children’s faces light up when they can let their imagination run wild with their Playmobil toys. ...

  • Since the Sonodrive 300 offers high precision rotation and the advantage of high-frequency vibration, it facilitates time savings of 40 to 50 per cent over conventional spindles.

    Sights set on the future

    In an interview with Profile, Stefan Kunz, Head of Micro EDM at Fraunhofer ICT-IMM, tells us about ...

  • Scope for creativity. Wire cutting prototypes and one-offs.

    Scope for creativity

    Bruno Nussbaumer cannot imagine ever being anything but his own boss. He makes use of his freedom ...

  • A useful addition. Wire EDM in series production.

    A useful addition. Wire EDM in series production

    What is the key to the success of a family-run jobshop? It has to consistently respond to the ...

  • Micrometre precision. Wire cutting with robot-assisted loading.

    Micrometre precision

    Exceptionally high precision is the hallmark of Rauh Erodiertechnik in Fürth. To achieve this, the ...

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