Profile 01/2012

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Profile 01/2012

  • High-wire artist

    By switching to a custom wire EDM system from Mitsubishi Electric, Steinkamp Maschinenbau, maker of ...

  •  Material of the future

    The Plastics Centre in Leipzig makes its mark in research with its expertise, creativity and a wide ...

  • Berker: Quality control for ideas

    What’s feasible and what isn’t? At the test laboratory of Berker, a manufacturer of high-grade ...

  • Caleffi: Full quality

    For five decades, the Caleffi Group has been suc­cess- ­fully specialising in the production of ...

  • A result of perseverance and discipline

    Life is not easy and this is never ignored at Tek-Moulds in Malta. Hard work and determination are ...

  • Our best for the Vorwerk product family

    The toolmaking department of Vorwerk Elektrowerke serves all the products developed for the Kobold ...

  • Italian flair, Japanese precision

    In this Italian company’s workshop, three high-precision Mitsubishi Electric wire EDMs are at ...

  • Progressive production philosophy

    SPEMA, a French company that mainly produces tools for the cutting of steel and plastics, accords ...

  • racing track

    Fast track for high precision

    What has Sogameca got to do with the 24 Hours of Le Mans race? Firstly, the specialist in cutting ...

  • A shining light in tool- and mouldmaking

    With superlative-quality tools and moulds fabricated by its skilled staff, AWEBA has advanced to ...

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