Profile 01/2013

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Profile 01/2013

  • We are all members of the Möderer family

    Everyone at Hans Möderer Werkzeug- & ­Formenbau GmbH, Leinburg, had good reason to celebrate. In ...

  • Intelligent clamping  makes all the difference

    Outstanding results are only possible with a tailor-made clamping fixture. Since Peter A­ldrovandi ...

  • Rust protection with water

    Chia-mo Srl has been designing and building accessories for machine tools for subtractive machining ...

  • Cutting diamonds  with precision

    Lütticke: The future belongs to automated toolmaking ...

  • Getting it right  first time

    Walter Pottiez GmbH is one of the first users of the MV2400R Grand Tubular from Mitsubishi Electric ...

  • car

    Slashing machining time by 20 hours

    Huyghe Formenbau is synonymous with precision technology and outstanding quality in mouldmaking. ...

  •  Tooth for tooth geared for success

    The proverbial precision of Black Forest clocks also applies to the products of Neugart in ...

  • Almond crescents  launch bespoke machine building

    A number of successful entrepreneurs started off small, working from their garage. And one such ...

  • Uncharted  territory

    By investing in an MV1200S Tubular, Empa Materials Science & Technology, Dübendorf (Switzerland), ...

  •  Moving up into the world league

    If there were a world league for makers of multiple moulds, the ERMO Group would be up among the ...

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