Profile 01/2014

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Profile 01/2014

  • Poetry in motion

    It’s Goethe and Schiller wherever you turn. But there are other names in and around Weimar that ...

  • The sweet scent of success

    The production of punching and follow-on composite tools is the speciality of Amiet AG in Herisau, ...

  • At the end of the toolmaking chain

    When Sven Kitzmann and Armin Baur set up business with Future-TEC in Wutha-Farnroda in 1999, they ...

  • Full of the joys of springs

    There is hardly a vehicle in Germany that does not have springs from Hirsch KG fitted in it. But ...

  • Focus on precision

    Under the KERN brand, MARPOSS produces high-precision measuring instruments. One of these is used by ...

  • Specialists in small, high-precision series

    “When a Swiss toolmaker says ’precision’, he’s talking about micrometres,” Thomas Rüegg ...

  • Cutting edge

    When it comes to wire cutting, TYROLIA, the trendsetter in ski bindings, places its faith entirely ...

  • Your car runs with Wiesauplast …

    ... or at least your neighbour’s does. Worldwide, one car in three is equipped with PET safety ...

  • A good job of work

    The ink on the contract has dried and Mainz Institute of Microtechnology (IMM) is on its way to ...

  • World of sport

    When you visit Salomon, you enter a world of sport. You can marvel at the high-class products and ...

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