Environmental protection

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Environmental protection – a change of heart in metalworking

A change of heart in metalworking

Environmental protection is now on the map in the metalworking sector. But what exactly does this mean? In metalworking particularly, such as with EDM systems, high power consumption and the cost of materials are a key factor. So what improvements are possible here and what steps have already been taken?

Environmental protection – a change of heart in metalworking

Environmental protection – a change of heart in metalworking

The onset of industrialisation brought with it ever-increasing in pollution. Today, each wave of modernisation and each new technological breakthrough is accompanied by increasingly strict environmental standards. A change of awareness has taken place not only in the minds of end-users but also among industrialists. The key concepts here are not only the consumption of power and materials, but also product and machine durability and the resources used. Mitsubishi Electric takes a clear stand on environmental protection with a commitment to the sparing use of resources and cutting energy costs. The EDM systems of the MV series conserve resources with their Long Life System (LLS). This is an overall strategy that facilitates, for example, new strategies for deactivating functions no longer required, intelligent “sleep mode” management and significant savings thanks to reduced quantities of circulating dielectric. These clearly testify to a change of heart in metalworking.

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The facts leave no room for doubt: up to 69% less energy, up to 46 % lower wire consumption, up to 45 % lower filter costs and up to 25 % less ion exchange resin. In addition, with its MV series, Mitsubishi Electric also scores with an innovative drive system. The Optical Drive System using Tubular Shaft motors makes wire-cutting much faster and also entirely wear-free. And this has been essential for achieving the marked drop in expenditure on energy, filters etc., in practice.

Ultimately, environmental protection means not only waste separation, renewable energy and durability, but also innovative, eco-friendly processes. And this is only possible with properly thought-out machines. And on this count, Mitsubishi Electric clearly heads the field.

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