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Up to 280% more feed, 400% longer tool life.

By EDM dressing with the Mitsubishi Electric V350 EDM generator.

Exploit the advantages of metal-bonded grinding wheels in the grinding process

In the grinding of tungsten carbide, ceramics and hardened steels, metal-bonded grinding wheels have huge advantages over the grinding wheels with synthetic resin bonds currently in frequent use. They are much more dimensionally stable and permit significantly higher grinding feed rates – for previously unattained productivity.

The constant challenge of boosting precision and effectiveness while reducing costs can be achieved with metal-bonded grinding wheels. The previously highly elaborate dressing process can now be superseded by wire EDM systems with the V350 generator from Mitsubishi Electric.

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Meet us at Grinding Hub 2024


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Bring your own grinding wheel and experience the process live.

The grinding wheel is profiled to your wishes. Test the feed rates and service life on the real-life job. You’ll be delighted with the superior ­productivity and potential for savings.

For only €199 per disc – the offer is limited to one grinding disc, max. diameter 150 mm, per customer.

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EDM DRESS - Up to 280 % more feed, 400 % longer tool life.

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Discover how spark erosion dressed grinding wheels can revolutionize your productivity: up to 280% more feed rate, significantly longer tool life and the production of previously impossible geometries - simply and automatically. Learn from leading experts such as Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bahman Azarhoushang from Furtwangen University and industry leaders such as Riegger Diamant, Adelbert Haas and Mitsubishi Electric how this technology enables complex profiles and optimal microtopographies, increases productivity and offers a real competitive advantage.

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