Profile 02/2011

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Complex mould for thermoplastics.

Profile 02/2011

  • Complex mould for thermoplastics.

    No hurdle too high

    No challenge is too big for Stefan Korbach. On the contrary: he enjoys developing complex injection ...

  • One-offs for specific customers make up a large portion of the product range handled by Ero­diertechnik Naumann GmbH.

    The rapid response force for prototypes

    For Erodiertechnik Naumann GmbH, wire EDM is a still young but all the more successful line of ...

  • A live wire

    A live wire

    If you haven’t got customers, you’ve got no right to exist, the Dutch say. Not a sentiment to ...

  • Thanks to its many years of experience and advanced production methods, Roming Werkzeugbau supplies superlative quality, however large or small the series.

    Just 4 weeks to the finished product

    Ever since Franz Roming founded Roming Werkzeugbau GmbH 85 years ago, the firm in Rottweil has been ...

  • 24/7, 8 employees

    24/7, 8 employees

    In the wire-cutting of mould components, SD Formentechnik banks on customer loyalty and machines ...

  • The patented V-filter from Küfner achieves minimal flow resis­tance combined with an extremely high filtration rate.

    A star of the screen

    Karl Küfner KG's filter screens are adapted to any customer requirement. And this individuality ...

  • Service –  from eastern Westphalia to Mexico

    Service –  from eastern Westphalia to Mexico

    Boredom is practically unknown to Christian Casilda Weissen. The term “flexibility”, on the ...

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