Profile 02/2022

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News from Mars.

Profile 02/2022

  • News from Mars.

    News from Mars.

    After positive experience with an already proven EA8S die-sinker EDM, the roller and ball bearing ...

  • Where high-tech mould making comes naturally.

    The Vosges Mountains – France’s geological twin of Germany’s Black Forest – are popular with ...

  • Intelligently cutting up to 425 mm with a 50% state subsidy?

    Combining precision and technical expertise with excellent service is the daily motivation of Peter ...

  • The Art of Aerospace. Wire EDM boosts toolmaking and production.

    Within only 20 years, SACS Aerospace in Empfingen has developed into an internationally acclaimed ...

  • Wire-cutting a higher profile.

    Prototyp in Zell am Harmersbach in Baden produces threading, forming and milling tools for its ...

  • Building bridges with wire erosion. High-performance tools for extra high-strength wire ropes.

    The production of wire is an extremely demanding process. The starting material is usually rod or ...

  • Machining high-precision parts ready for use. Wire-eroded punches and dies for fine blanking.

    There is hardly an object in everyday life that does not contain sheet metal parts. Whether it’s a ...

  • Ice cream makes chewy encounter with digital manufacturing.

    Since its launch in 1981, Lotte’s “Yukimi Daifuku” is loved by people of all ages as a popular ...

  • You don’t get AI off the peg.­ Artificial Intelligence for automation.

    The potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in production is becoming more and more apparent. At ...

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